Feature: Delta Uploads

With a lot of our developers using the OTA app, we have had quite a few requests to allow delta uploads.

Delta uploads allow users to download only the changed parts of the rom, instead of the whole rom again. This can be a huge time saver for users, especially those with slower internet connections.

We are happy to announce that this is now available to all developers and users.

First of all, you need to upload the Full Version. You do this in exactly the same way as you always have. Once you have uploaded this, you will be present with the following button on the Version management page.

Simply click "Upload Delta" and upload the file as normal. Once the file has been uploaded, you will be taken back to the Version management page. You should be able to see something similar to the following:

From a users point of view on the website, they will see the following on the download page:

Matt is hard at work bringing these features to the OTA app, so stay tuned for that.